The short answer is, Yes. But keep reading ….

First, what does it mean to have a cohesive Instagram feed?

Having a cohesive Instagram feed means you’ve decided on an aesthetic you want your brand to portray and you ensure every post is in line with this aesthetic. This means similar colour tones, specific fonts, editing photos with unique colour filters, using Instagram design layouts, thought out photoshoots, model and styling choices e.t.c.

This aesthetic is the first thing viewers will notice when they land on your page. The colours, layout, tone, and feeling conveyed are crucial in developing that first impression.

[N.B: This is one of Instagram’s unique selling points, the way it allows customers experience brands].

Cohesive aesthetics are instrumental in developing that recognition that is so important. People will begin to recognise your content when they see it. This plays a large role in gaining brand recognition among an audience – especially when there are so many similar pages out there.

While it is important, having an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed is not everything. However, making an effort with this can make your brand look a lot more professional and thoughtful in the way it chooses to present itself. Here are some things to note with having a Cohesive Feed:

  1. Having an extremely cohesive social media feed means it is a lot easier to plan content ahead, especially if you have a type of design layout you’re sticking to. You can use apps like Later, Planoly, Plann, Hootsuite, or Buffer for this.
  2. The first step to getting started is choosing a colour palette. Your brand can become a lot more recognisable if you use a consistent colour palette, as well as fonts when posting. Our best tip would be to use brand colours so it feels more on brand.
  3. Having a cohesive feed can be very limiting when it comes to sharing content that doesn’t fit into the feed’s aesthetic or content that needs to be up as quick as possible.
  4. Don’t get paralysed by keeping to an aesthetic. Not every post will look absolutely fantastic in a 3 x 4 grid – it’s the overall effort that counts.
  5. Develop graphic design templates for certain types of brand messaging – e.g. opening times, press articles, new product announcements e.t.c. You can create these yourself using websites like Canva, or if you’re out of time you can outsource this to an agency to do for you.

Remember, a great photo or video is worth a thousand words, and people react very strongly to visual content. By posting content that maintains a specific mood and look, viewers will begin to feel connected to your work. They’ll start to recognise your style, and will be more likely to engage with your content.

Do you care about the layout of your Instagram feed? Let us know in the comments below!