IFFAC Investment Holdings Company is an Africa focused permanent investment vehicle initiative by Annan Capital Partners (A Boutique Investment Company created to increase investment attractiveness to the African continent and encourage engagement in sustainable projects).

The fundamental objective of IFFAC is to address a lack of capital, management skills and infrastructure support required to leverage the latent talent of Africa’s creative industry.

IFFAC will focus on developing creatives across the 16 sub-sectors of Africa’s Cultural and Creative Industry : Architecture, Interior Design, Visual Design, Visual Communication Design, Product Design, Fashion, Film, Animation & Video, Photography, Craft, Culinary, Music, Publishing, Advertising, Art & Art Performance, Television & Radio.

IFFAC’s grant programme seeks to deploy 10,000 Euro to 50,000 Euro towards businesses selected into the Induction & Mentorship programme.

Creatives who successfully complete their Induction & Mentorship programme will be eligible to receive 250,000 Euro to 2,000,000 Euro subject to an agreed business plan as venture capital. IFFAC has also secured a partnership with TMD Capital Partners to offer trade finance to investee companies.